Forcen Inc. (formerly known as SensOR Medical Laboratories Ltd.) was originally founded in 2015 by CEO Dr. Robert Brooks (PhD, P.Eng). Forcen created the ForceFilm System, a first-in-the-world force sensing film. Initially, this technology was created for use with surgical robotics. With medical errors being the third largest cause of death in the world, the ForceFilm System gave surgeons using robotics a digital sense of touch. In 2017, Dr. Brooks won the Canadian national James Dyson Award for co-developing ForceFilm.

Since then, Forcen Inc. has shifted its focus from being a surgical device company to a technology company. Forcen’s ForceFilm was designed to meet the challenges of industrial environments where reliability, robustness, and extended operating life are requirements. This allowed the film to have a wide variety of applications outside of surgical robotics. The company has since expanded its reach into aerospace, defence, manufacturing, and industrial robotics, providing predictive maintenance data, HMIs, and accurate force sensing solutions.

The Toronto entrepreneurial community that provided support to Forcen Inc. includes the ABB Synerleap,
Creative Destruction Lab, Biomedical Zone, Ontario Brain Institute, Ontario BioscienceInnovation Organization, and the University of Toronto’s Health Innovation Hub and Hatchery incubators.

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