ForceN’s work on Covid-19 Pressure Sensors acknowledged by APMA Canada

Auto start-ups pivot to join COVID-19 fight amid fears of lost momentum

“…Yet, even with the future uncertain, some tech companies are pivoting to address the urgent need for medical supplies. Colin Dhillon, chief technology officer the Automotive Parts Manufacturers’ Association, said SMEs – or small to mid-size enterprises – are among firms answering the APMA’s call on the industry to supply crucial medical gear.

Among them are Toronto’s Forcen Inc., producing pressure sensors for ventilators being built by Canada’s auto suppliers and others…, [Mr. Colin] Dhillon [CTO, APMA] said…”

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POSTED ON October 20, 2020

ForceN’s ventilator pressure-sensors combat Covid19

ForceN’s pivotal role, to rapidly prototype ventilator pressure-sensors in record time & address the… Read More