Key Features

6+ Dimensions of force/torque sensing

Extremely lightweight, compact

Human-level precision

Robust in extreme temperature enviroments

Noise-immune, & minimal Crosstalk

ForceFilmâ„¢ Technology

ForceFilmâ„¢ is a first-in-the-world thin yet robust force-sensing film that can be laminated onto any part or assembly to give that machine a human-level sense of touch.


Aerospace diagnostics

Measure: Sensitive forces applied on components & hard-attachment points
Prevent: Maintenance on component systems
Detect: Ice accumulation on aircraft wings

Smart rifle systems

Tactile interface, fast, intuitive, silent operation
HMI with ForceFilmTM can replace sliders &/or add trackpads, facilitating communication


Sensitive: Variable-level sensing
Simplistic: Compatible with gloves
Clean-Data: Environmental and noise immunity

Static mounts

Monitor: Wear/tear of static mounts by recording force readings of mount components prone to breakage