Key Features

6+ Dimensions of force/torque sensing

Extremely lightweight, compact

Human-level precision

Robust in extreme temperature enviroments

Noise-immune, & minimal Crosstalk

ForceFilm™ Technology

ForceFilm™ is a first-in-the-world thin yet robust force-sensing film that can be laminated onto any part or assembly to give that machine a human-level sense of touch.


Conveyor belt systems

Prevent: Roller bearing failure due to static load
Predict: Guide-rail wear/tear
Curb: Critical-weld failure
Measure: Vibration of Critical-components

Silk-screen printing/ Screen-printing

Prevent: ​​’Wiper/Squeegee’ ​mis-​alignment​ on printer​, wear, & tear
Ensure:‘Wiper/Squeegee’ applies uniform force consistently
Predict maintenance ​of​​​​: ​presses/​tools/die-sets/​process-equipment
Measure: minute forces in space-constrained areas

Tool Wear/Breakage

Prevent: Tool breakage
Predict: Tools/die-sets/equipment maintenance
Measure: Highly sensitive forces in tight spaces

CNC/Milling Machines

Measure: as low as 0.0001’’ of deflections
Compensate: Tool-head based on minutest machine-vibrations
Prevent: Tool-bit Mis-alignment or Tool-bit breakage


Replace: Mechanical buttons/sliders/wheels/joysticks in embedded design
Receive: High touch accuracy
Reduce: Manufacturing complexity