Surgical Robotics

Key Features

6+ Dimensions of force/torque sensing

Extremely lightweight, compact


Human-level precision

Noise-immune, & minimal Crosstalk

ForceFilmâ„¢ Technology

ForceFilmâ„¢ is a first-in-the-world thin yet robust force-sensing film that can be laminated onto any part or assembly to give that machine a human-level sense of touch.


Surgical instrument sensing:

Measure: High positioning accuracy
Ensure: Precise force application
Acquaire: Multi-dimensional force sensing

Human-machine-interfaces (HMI)

Simplistic: Compatible with gloves
Instinctual: Precise intuitive control
Efficient: Seamless Surface for easy sterilization

Surgeon collaboration:

Intuitive: Better-than-human-level torque and force accuracy
Acquire: Multi-dimensional force & torque measurement